Second Quarter Sees Standings Shakeup

In News on January 29, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Is it parity? Coincidence? Or just the natural order of things? The second quarter of the 2011-2012 regular season saw many teams on the wrong side of .500 – and a big shakeup from the early-season standings.

Bouncing Back

The Winnipeg Falcons (8-7-5) rebounded from a terrible opening 20 (5-12-3). So did the Great Lakes Pilots (10-6-4), who are now in the Plante West lead after a sub-.500 first quarter. The Pilots’ Taylor Hall responded to criticism with 10 goals in 12 games.

Heeeere’s Salem

The Salem Wannabees weren’t going to stay down for long. After finding themselves second in their division, they compiled another strong quarter and overtook theSterling Eagles. On the other hand, the Eagles (read: Tim Thomas) stole two wins and a tie in four games at Salem this quarter. This race is gonna be good.

Crosby Due Back?

There are rumblings that the West Virginia River Rats‘ Sidney Crosby is on his way back for the second half. The Rats weathered his absence well, with Eric Staal, Thomas Vanek, Sergei Samsonov, and Corey Perry among the quarter’s top scorers.

Next Stop, Pebble Beach?

The Vancouver Night Train were looking like they were back on track (ugh!) after a disastrous year, but their good early returns (13-5-2 and a division lead) derailed (argh!) in Q2 (7-10-3) thanks to some very poor goaltending and special teams, opening the door for the Portland Winterhawks to pull even despite their own home struggles.

Goalie Duo is Sterling, but Pilots Clamp Down

Much like their work in Q1, the Eagles’ tandem of Thomas and Johan Hedberg were both incredible in the second quarter, splitting time – and MVP votes, no doubt – on the way to a ridiculous 2.2 GA per game. Even better were Roberto Luongo and Brian Elliott of the Pilots, who let in just 41 goals in 20 games between them.


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