2017 Gump Cup Playoffs Are Here!

In News on March 30, 2017 at 8:55 am

The 2017 battle for the Gump Cup is about to begin. After a busy trade deadline and a lot of late-season jockeying, the matchups are set.

Plante Conference
#4 South Side (35-33-14) at #1 Baltimore (49-21-12)
The Renegades’ midseason acquisitions paid off in a big way as they secured the last playoff berth ahead of Denver. Their reward? A first-round matchup against the reigning champions, Baltimore.
#3 Charleston (39-37-6) at #2 Salem (49-28-5)
For a while, it looked like the Chiefs’ playoff hopes may be fading. Facing Salem in the first round will be no picnic – Jonathan Quick will need to steal a game or two to have a chance.
Sawchuk Conference
#4 Portland (42-30-10) at #1 Boston (60-15-7)
Portland is probably the season’s biggest surprise. The ‘Hawks seemed to be committing to a total rebuild at midseason, yet still edged out Delta for the 4th seed. A much bigger surprise would be beating Boston, who are fresh off a historic 60-win season that saw them look nearly unbeatable both at home and on the road.
#3 Nashville (51-27-4) at #2 Farmington (50-24-8)
Likely the most even first-round matchup and really anybody’s guess. The Fighting Saints and Knights are both top GWMHL teams with deep rosters at all positions. Farmington’s Corey Crawford was the league’s best netminder this year – he may be the difference-maker.

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