2000-2001 Mid-Season Free Agent Results

Round 1

1. South Park Serge Aubin
2. Ann Arbor Chris Tamer
3. Vancouver Filip Kuba
4. Delta Jeff Cowan
5. Kansas City Steve Staios
6. Colorado Garth Snow
8. Brooklyn Jeff Finley
9. Bridgewater Eric Messier
10. Saint Louis Dave Lowry
11. Sterling Todd Reirden
14. Chicago Bobby Dollas
16. Sacramento Vladimir Tsyplakov
17. Grand Caymen Terry Yake
18. Richelieu Steve Dubinsky
19. Morgan Hill Craig Darby
20. Portland Ron Sutter

Round 2

21. South Park Dan Boyle
25. Kansas City David Karpa
26. Colorado Robert Kron
29. Bridgewater Jamie Heward
30. Saint Louis Tommy Albelin
37. Grand Caymen Stephane Matteau
39. Morgan Hill Antti Aalto
40. Portland Nils Ekman

Round 3

41. South Park Ken Wregget
50. Saint Louis Patrick Poulin
57. Grand Caymen Brent Gilchrist
59. Morgan Hill Peter White


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