2003-2004 Mid-Season Free Agent Results

Round 1
1. SAN Martin Rucinsky
2. PWH Richard Jackman
4. ROS Mikka Kiprusoff
5. VAN Milan Kraft
9. KAN Shean Donovan
10. SIG Grant Marshall
11. ILL Alexei Ponikarovsky
12. IHS Alexander Auld
13. CWF Pavel Trnka
14. DEL Cristobal Huet
15. SOU Turner Stevenson
17. MHL Cory Cross
18. BRR John Grahame
19. SAC Alexander Karpovtsev

Round 2
22. PWH Jeff Hackett
29. KAN Jamie McClennan
30. SIG Jamie Storr

Round 3
42. PWH Kris Beech


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