Time Machine: A Look Back at the GWMHL’s Early Days

In Special Features on July 9, 2011 at 8:43 am

We’ve got a real treat today – the very first issue of the official league newsletter, Between the Pipes. This was originally created by commissioner Mike Haley prior to the league’s inaugural season in 1993 and was physically mailed to league members.

Take a look inside and you’ll find:

  • Talk about league rules as they were being written!
  • Controversy in cyberspace! Concern over the GEnie service!
  • Franchise draft results!
  • A call for members to bug our very own Jim Connell about game features!

Many thanks to Dave Atkinson for having kept this issue in his archives and scanning it for us. We’ve redacted personal addresses and phone numbers, even though they’re 18 years old. Check this bad boy out:

(Trouble viewing the PDF? Download it here.)


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