Time Machine: Between The Pipes Issue #2

In Special Features on December 11, 2011 at 10:41 am

Czechoslovakia dissolves! NASA tries to fix the Hubble! 1993 was a heady time.

This second issue of the original GWMHL newsletter, Between The Pipes – published over 18 years ago – features:

A profile of our very own long-serving (long-suffering?) Joe Burton!
The introduction of the GAMEFILE.DAT!
The very first trade in league history!
Details on an insane telephone draft system that sounds like the most stressful thing ever devised!

Check it out, courtesy of the Dave Atkinson Archives:

Trouble viewing? Download the PDF here.

It’s a great read, right? If you haven’t already, dial the first issue into your wayback machine too.

  1. Not sure the introduction of GAMEFILE.DAT is as strange as the statement that “you copy this file to diskette”. Love that one.

  2. Oh, yeah, then you MAIL (as in postal service) your diskette with data to the league commissioner. A bit more effort involved than we have to go through these days 🙂

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